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For many years Miele Professional has been at the forefront of manufacturing commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment, bringing you a comprehensive selection of machines for a wide range of applications. Whatever the requirement, the Miele Professional commercial range has your cleaning needs covered.

At Miele everything is guided by the philosophy ‘Immer Besser’ meaning ‘Forever Better’; it was conceived more than 100 years ago by Miele's founders as a mark of Miele’s commitment to quality and innovation, and remains as true as ever today. It is Mieles attention to the details that makes the difference.

Whoever is operating your machine, with Miele you will always get the best results, thanks to user interfaces which are set up to be easy to use. Miele think about the details so that you don’t have to, when you buy a machine from Miele Professional it will be set up to ensure you have easy access to the programmes that will perform for you.

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“The Hesley Group”

Established in 1975, Hesley Group provides flexible, specialist residential services and schools for young people and adults, often with autism, who have a learning disability and complex needs with behaviour that may challenge.

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What To Take To The Dry Cleaner’s (And What To Wash At Home)

What type of clothing should you really do your best for and take to the dry cleaners, and what garments are relatively safe to ignore the label and wash at home? Fortunately, Miele has the answer.

Hotel Laundry Insights From Miele

Miele recently published results from their professional division showing that making hotel housekeeping staff more customer-facing could be the secret to a brilliant guest experience. This is in addition to further research that says customers rank clean bedding and soft furnishing even above a friendly welcome.

Tips From Miele For Commercial Laundry Equipment Care

Miele commercial laundry equipment is built to last, withstand large loads and high usage – Miele, in particular, is famous for their hardwearing commercial machines. That said, there are still a couple of checks and maintenance jobs you can carry out yourself to ensure your washers stay in the best condition.